Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Up By Ten

Who would have thought it?
Senator Barack Obama in the closing days of the 2008 campaign for the President of the United States of America would be ahead, upwards by ten points, against the Republican political machine. If that is not a testament to winds beneath his wings, then spirituality does not exist. Literally he has caught hell for the audacity of being in the race, let alone the front runner, and now the odds on favorite to become the next President. And, he has the blessings of The General, Colin Powell, High Finances Wizard Warren Buffet and The Wife, Michelle Obama. You know the saying, when the wife is truly behind you, then nothing else really matters. Run Obama Run.
He is ready; battle tested.

America is speaking louder and louder in the affirmative, yes indeed. When the race should be getting tighter the numbers are actually increasing in Senator Obama's favor, and that speaks to the depth and consistency of his message and the clarity and scope of his vision. More Americans understand who he really is than do not and the latter dwindle. Up by ten and counting. The affirming vote is in the wind and already on the way. Dare I say, think mandate!
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Friday, October 17, 2008

Capacity, Command and Compassion

Senator Barack Obama was not born in a manger he jokingly confessed at the Alfred E. Smith memorial dinner in New York, but during his remarks he demonstrated a particular capacity to rise and lift the audience above indifference, the great sin of politics, wit and agility to take measure of the absurd and flexibility to command atmospherics that on the one hand triggered laughter, and on the other, deep thought, compassion and hope for citizens that lived on life's edge just blocks from where these decision makers had gathered. He did that in fifteen minutes, never missed a beat and accented the one purpose, to serve each's fellow man and woman.
Fascinating is a word that comes to mind. Able is another word to ascribe to this human being. Capable, need I say more? Worthy!
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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Lest Among Us Suffer

AIDS is not a sexy enough subject to play on prime time television news, even though it's the number one killer of the most vulnerable people on earth, our children. There were 2-million children living with AIDS in 2007, and 2.7-million more children died from the disease last year. That news should shock each and every one of us that our children suffer. There are many reasons for this calamity and there is much to blame about behavior, lack of policy, education, economics and equal rights for women. Our children still suffer. In fact, in its 2008 report on the global AIDS epidemic, UNAIDS called on Governments to swiftly increase women's economic independence and legal reforms as a strategy to help cut the spread of the disease...of course this should be done regardless...but, the compelling thinking now...women are far to often the subject of abusive behavior and are rendered defenseless because of their perceived status, and rigorously enforced government policy can go a long way in changing outcomes...a woman's right to inheritance was also listed for change. Is it clear to you, children suffer? Education is another plank in the defense protocol in the fight against AIDS that all of us need not grow tired of hearing. In this arduous process, the airwaves provide the greatest reach, also schools, libraries, newspapers, the Internet, agencies, enlightened ministries, private foundations, world citizens and those who speak with first hand knowledge of the disease and are willing to tell their impact stories. Our children need not suffer anymore. And, then our scientists must do their part. They need to be funded and they need to come up with a cure...know that setbacks will occur in this process, but for the children and for all of us, scientists should be encouraged, not penalized when a seeming breakthrough goes bust. This fight is way to important for our children and our future. This week the issue of which path to take in the fight againt AIDS will be taken up, whether to take the path of prevention or the path of cure. We should follow both paths as if we were fighting a two front war; with only victory in mind. This is the right fight. "The AIDS virus infects an estimated 33 million people globally and has killed 25 million since it was identified in the 1980s. NewsJReview at

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tall Trees Are Still

I am sure you have heard the phrase “it’s quiet before the storm.” But, right now there is plenty of noise being made at ground level over the seeming or near collapse of financial markets in the United States and abroad.
Ponder these questions, if you will. Is every market in trouble? Who is not making a lot of noise and is trying to stay low key?
Didn’t I read that Russia has agreed to pull out of the disputed territories in Georgia, by next Thursday–perhaps lowering world attention being paid to them.
NYtimes Op-Ed Columnist Tom Friedman in an article entitled “Palin’s Kind of Patriotism”, among other things brings up discouraging information that Iceland is teetering on bankruptcy–who would have thought it, he writes, and that this country of three hundred thousand citizens has reached out to Russia for a bailout to the tune of five billion dollars. They went to Russia with this request; not to Europe; not to the U.S.?
You got to read what he says…yes read, the entire article!
But, know the storm to come is very much there, hidden in plain view. Consider the fact that in this world power follows money. And, when bankrupt both in money and moral authority a seismic shift can take place. It could determine world order. The tall trees (governments) that remain still during these times, are indeed very busy assessing in which direction the wind of change will blow.

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President and Professor, in One

Senator Barack Obama displayed a particular agility on the political debate stage, perhaps never before seen during a modern presidential contest and he exercised it with ease. Someone said, "He is comfortable in his own skin."
As Professor he turned the debate stage, at Belmont University, in Nashville, Tennessee, into his classroom. The subjects discussed Tuesday night were economics, taxation and diplomacy. The later subject was more than just about Geo-political prowess and power plays in the world, although his views in regards to these realities were interesting and refreshing to hear, but he used the very instrument of diplomacy in a basic human way by treating each questioner in the audience with respect--he did not correct anyone in a manner that put down the questioner or the question, nor did he chide them or accuse them of not knowing what they were talking about; for instance, whether they had knowledge of the existence of "Fannie Mae or Freddie Mack." The retort, "Probably Not!" He had no such encounter with these voters.
Senator Obama made no judgment, but he answered the questions responsibly, thoughtfully and with accountability--A good Professor interacts with his class in their present moment, right where they are, and then proceeds to take them to another place, as he or she instinctively capitalizes on teachable moments.
The next President's strategic arsenal will have to include the weapon of instinct, tact, temperament, diplomacy, judgment and vision to take us to that next place; a better place is what the people of America and the world hold hope.
Senator Obama's performance in and command of the political landscape thus far demonstrates he possesses the intellectual capital and presence of mind to do just that.
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Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Much Awaited Launch

About two years ago I stepped into the blogs sphere with the creation of NewsJReview to offer this journalist's view on the world. The vast and measured years in news communications afford me to speak in a salient way on matters of interest from varying vantage points with experiences of a reporter in the field, editor and producer behind the scenes, a senior news executive and consulted on major international democracy and journalism projects--the Russia/The Soviet Union and Ethiopia .
As I left CNN, some one said "go," find something else to do,". Well, journalism is my love and perspective is a quality and the gift that I intend to "go" and share. I live and breathe information, especially if it helps me to gain a understanding. My one goal is to understand and to share it. To that end I believe I have now launched. With seismic encouragement from my wife and partner in this life, Valerie and a helping hand and legal view from my daughter, Diana who sat with me to help design this site, to my son Matthew (, the Graphic artist, who designed my new home, at, to Eddie at CNN post who gave entree to do what I needed to do to get my web site, up as Matthew programmed the site and brilliantly created the design, and to my good friend Chuck at NBC10,who sent me a list of valuable blogging tips and who also made it possible for me to be able to join the chorus of many who wrote in tribute to Edie Huggins. And to my readers and the entities who have also allowed me to post comments, NY times, Washington Post, Denver Post, Reuters, Baltimore Sun,and Philadelphia's NBC10.
To all of you, Thank you.
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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

So Long Butch

Who will ever forget Butch Cassidy, Paul Newman and the Sundance Kid, Robert Redford movie? Not me. The trailblazing duo made a lot of jingle at the box office and absolutely ruined the Westerns' movie industry. I mean before these two came running or riding into town, you could list a number of favorite cowboys. You had choices like Gunsmoke, The Rifleman, Paladin, Maverick and others...Oh yes, any cowboy Western that John Wayne fact True Grit hit the screens just about at the same time. But it is my humble opinion that Butch and Sundance killed it for every body. They were that good; absolutely sensational. I had just moved from "cowboys to girls" by becoming a teenager, when the movie came out... and there we were, me and Larry, in the theater eating popcorn; the girls were on hold. Paul Newman and Robert Redford just unbelievable men, the two of them are thoroughly loved for their roles on the screen and life's stage. This is just one of trillions of notes of thanks as Butch, Mr Newman, journeys on. You will be missed, I assure you. Happy trails.

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